Audience with a Hero

Interactive conversations between the audience and experts and heroes

The Forever Project creates voice interactive ‘conversations’, allowing audiences to meet their heroes, and to ask them questions about their life, work and inspiration. Powerful and engaging, our work focuses on linking global audiences to leading figures, heroes, or experts. Our ‘Audience with a Hero’ project, funded through the Audiences of the Future funding stream, will create a voice interactive encounter with a music hero in VR – working in association with Universal Music and the National Portrait Gallery. For SXSW, we will be able to present our current R&D stage, producing a voice interactive ‘meeting’ in VR between the audience and Professor Andrew Chitty, Challenge Director of the Audience of the Future programme to demonstrate our approach, and help explain the programme and the Immersive Futures Lab which will showcase the piece.

We set out to address substantial production challenges for the creation of authentic ‘personal presence’ in VR, including appropriate filming, experience design, narrative design, and technical integration. Addressing these challenges through the Audiences project is enabling us to create a robust production workflow and technical suite which makes the commercial application of these techniques viable and scalable in VR as well as across other platforms through which we are currently delivering. Key elements already addressed and able to be viewed in prototype include: filming set-up and post-production; integration of our ‘speakeasy’ coding for use in a VR product; voice interaction; concept design.

Project contact

Sarah Coward

Running time

5 min


  • Forever Project
  • Bright White Ltd

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