Survive the flood alongside live performers using real-time volumetric capture

Flood is a ground-breaking new live location based experience combining immersive theatre and virtual reality from interactive studio Megaverse and the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain.

Featuring live actors, audience interaction and theatre, Flood is a compelling and immersive VR narrative adventure experience. Set in 2025 during an apocalyptic climate event audience members are dropped into a beautifully bleak virtual world. After the Flood cast and audience work together to find dry land.

Utilising a real-time volumetric capture rig, we livestream performances into a virtual game environment. Using VR, audience members will be set adrift in the flood alongside performers who are represented as watery holograms of themselves.

Project contact

Ben Carlin


Oculus Rift S & Volumetric Capture System

Stage of Development

Early Stage Prototype

Running time

3 mins + onboarding/offboarding


  • Megaverse
  • National Youth Theatre of Great Britain
  • XR Stories, Creative Industries Clusters Programme


  • Ben Carlin & John Ingle, Co-Creative Directors & Producers
  • Joel Scott, Theatrical Director
  • Joe Duggan, Producer

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