Anna Bramwell-Dicks

Dr Anna Bramwell-Dicks

Dr Anna Bramwell-Dicks

14 March

Culture and Content in the Metaverse

XR Stories

Research Fellow / Lecturer

Speaker Biography

Anna is a Research Fellow with XR Stories (seconded from a lectureship in Interactive Media at the University of York) with an interdisciplinary background that focused initially on Electronics and Music Technology. Taking a sideways move to the field of Human-Computer Interaction research led Anna to combine her interest in all things tech with a passion for research around disability representation and accessibility. She is especially interested in research involving multimodal interaction (e.g. using audio, haptics, smell and/or proprioception as well as visuals within interfaces) particularly where audio is used to affect user’s behaviour or experiences or improve accessibility. Anna is always interested in work that involves designing and evaluating novel and interesting user experiences, particularly where that leads to creating fun, engaging, accessible experiences.

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