Pooja Katara

Pooja Katara

SENSEcity Ltd


Speaker Biography

Pooja Katara is the founder and director of SENSEcity, an immersive technology startup based in Glasgow, Scotland. She is an Architect and passionate about all things culture and design with a curiosity about the relationship between people, places and spaces. As a creative individual, she pursued her Master’s in Architectural Studies at the Glasgow School of Art (GSA). Pooja has grown the company from a one-product company to an Immersive Design Studio and has won awards like Scottish Edge, Innovate UK, Converge Creative and Creative Informatics challenge. With SENSEcity and the latest product Historiscope, she aims to empower heritage sites with advanced technological tools so they can offer meaningful storytelling experiences to their visitors. A core part of SENSEcity is telling stories in innovative ways through an undiscovered lens. By combining engineering and innovation, they take historical locations and bring new life into them.

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