MagicBeans Immersive

Next-gen real world audio

MagicBeans, along with partners Warner Music and the Applied Psychoacoustic Labs at Huddersfield University are creating new kinds of audio-led mixed reality experience that place highly realistic 3D audio into real world environments.

We use innovative acoustic modelling and volumetric synthesis techniques to map sounds to real physical spaces and objects. This means that complex volumetric audio is synthesized in real time to appear to the listener as if the audio were actually coming from the space they are in and from the physical objects within it – opening up possibilities for next-gen music experiences, audio tours and new kinds of audiovisual display.

Project contact

Gareth Llewellyn


Demo uses a bespoke audio playback system using tracked headphone hardware and physical props

Stage of Development

Mid-Stage Prototype

Running time

3 min


  • MagicBeans Ltd
  • Warner Music Group
  • The Applied Psychoacoustic Labs, Huddersfield University


  • Gareth Llewellyn, Creative Lead
  • Jon Olive, Technical Lead
  • Tiago Correia, Warner Music
  • Hyunkook Lee, Technical Production

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