Perception iO

Immersive and emotional response revealing perceptions of reality and implicit bias.

The Perception iO immersive experience is at the intersection of neuroscience, behavioural psychology, film, AI, facial emotion detection, eye tracking, bias and social justice.

Taking the position of a police officer watching a training video.The participant will experience the interaction from the perspective of a cop’s body camera as you come into contact with both a black protagonist and white protagonist. How you respond to the scene will have consequences for the characters, depending on your emotional response. The system will track your eye movements and facial expressions.

There is a black and white character, and each plays two roles, that of a criminal and that of someone with mental health issues. The participant’s emotional response will influence an escalating branching narrative to reveal if you as a cop will arrest, call for back up or shoot the character.

This immersive and emotional responsive film will monitor facial emotions to reveal how the participant’s perception of reality is constructed. At the end we will show you your emotional responses and allow you to potentially examine your own implicit biases. After extensive research in Artificial Intelligence, this installation will enable you to experience how human bias can be intergraded into networks and understand the necessity for Transparency in AI and AI Regulation.


  • ThoughtWorks Arts
  • Karen Palmer, The Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum
  • Arts Council England, Future Art & Culture Programme

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