Spaceteam VR

An immersive cooperative shouting game

Spaceteam VR is an immersive cooperative shouting game. A virtual reality adaptation of a popular multiplayer mobile game. Developed in Unreal Engine by Cooperative Innovations, aided by their in-house tools.

Assemble a team of up to six, online you can play with anyone on a popular VR headset or in your room with a mix of smart devices. Work together communicating and completing increasingly complex instructions. Keep your ship hurtling through space, despite the constant threat of annihilation, with swift witted deployment of your essential space tools:

  • Repair-Hammer
  • Ray-Gun
  • Fire-Extinguisher
  • Sponge

Above all else, it’s important that you keep calm in the face of imminent destruction. Remember cadets, in order to attempt to avoid your inevitable demise you need to work together, as a Spaceteam!

Project contact

Emma Cooper


Oculus Rift, Rift S and Quest, Smart Phones

Stage of Development

Final Stage Prototype

Running time

5 min


  • Cooperative Innovations
  • Henry Smith & Sleeping Beast Games
  • XR Stories, Creative Industries Clusters Programme


  • Simon Barratt, Creative Director
  • Brian Marshall, Technical Director
  • Nele Steenput, Art Director
  • Chris Tarrant, Senior Animator
  • Fran Boot, Senior Designer

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