Beautiful VR and Film exploring the world’s largest time-based point cloud dataset

To tell a truly immersive story captured real world content must be compelling, accurate and believable. It must also be spatial and digitally manipulable.

We have developed a fundamentally new tool set to capture and render pointcloud data with a framerate at multiple scales:

  • SMALL (human/animal)
  • MEDIUM (crowd/building)
  • LARGE (landscape/cityscape)

We will demonstrate a series of captured locations, scenes and subjects in VR and 4K film. We have captured the following incredible experiences:

  • A forest exploding into life through spring, summer into glorious autumn colours and the quiet of winter
  • The rhythmic ebb and flow of sand and pebbles across a beach and the dramatic, perpetual eating away of the cliff in one of the UK’s coastal erosion hotspots
  • A national trust vegetable garden erupting into bloom
  • A wild hippy dancing, an Elizabethan curtsy, body bending yoga moves, football tricks and a first kiss

ScanLAB Projects digitise the world using LIDAR, a form of machine vision that we argue is the future of photography. As the electronic eyes for billions of mobile phones and driverless vehicles 3D scanners are the cartographers of the future. By critically observing places and events through the eyes of these machines our work hopes to glance at the future we will all inhabit.

Project contact

Mathew Shaw


HTC Vive

Stage of Development

Final stage prototype

Running time

5 min


  • Matthew Shaw, Director
  • William Trossell, Director
  • Max Celar, XR Artist & Developer
  • Tom Brooks, Computational Designer
  • Grey Grieson, Pointcloud Artist
  • Soma Sato, Capture Specialist

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