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Black Goblin

Black Goblin is an audio research and technology company on a quest to transform the way creators work with sound. Currently, Black Goblin is developing its first software product, an all-inclusive collaboration platform that allows content creators to design sound alongside audio professionals, fast-tracking the workflow and supporting teams from preproduction to release. 

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In partnership with WarnerMedia and XR Stories, Charisma took a film studio-quality asset and brought it into Unreal Engine, and combined it with the Charisma ocnversational engine. In the resulting experience, audiences really speak to DC Super villain Steppenwolf, talking to him in natural language. Will you choose to join Steppenwolf on his mission? It’s up to you what you say, and how you respond! Charisma makes this all possible in real-time.

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Historiscope, an Augmented Reality enabled viewing scope developed for Heritage Sites to enhance their visitor experience, increase footfall and increase income streams. Inspired by a tourist telescope’s design, it fuses authentic history with AR technology. Building relevant scenarios from the past, rather than a closer view of the historical location.

Ray Interactive

Ray interactive is a specialist design studio, leveraging deep skills and know-how in creative-tech to help clientele deliver more engaging experiences for their audiences. They love to work on immersive experiences, procedural motion graphics, and progressive web applications.

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Nesta Playbox

Nesta Playbox harnesses the potential of AI, big data, digital twins, game design and the metaverse to create an immersive policy playground where policy designers and decision-makers can prototype, simulate and test radical responses to the UK obesity crisis.

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SmARtview is a unique R&D collaboration bringing together dairy farmers, vets, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and video game design techniques to enhance a farmer’s knowledge of their cows and a vet’s expertise to deliver instant, individual data retrieval for faster and more accurate cow-side decision-making.

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Monoliths combines the soundscapes of real locations in the north with the stories of three northern women. Audiences experience three artistically rendered environments based on real outdoor locations. Monologues are delivered using spatially recorded voices. Their stories and origins are tied to the landscape where they come from and have grown up. 

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The Neon Pack

Protopian Tales makes use of immersive technologies to promote a unique form of storytelling for new and emerging audiences. Each story takes place in a near future where extended-reality (XR) technology has become ubiquitous to human existence, enhancing and affecting our everyday lives in both subtle and major ways.

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The Tell-Tale Rooms

The Tell-Tale Rooms is an interactive 360 VR piece that leads us on a journey into artist Eden Kötting’s fantastical world. Blending immersive animation, archive and live-action it celebrates the wonders of the human condition and opens the fusty doors of perception into a world of virtual reality. 

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The Immersive Futures Lab @ SXSW programme featured a line up of inspirational speakers, who shared their experience and insights into the boundary-breaking projects they have delivered.

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