A Social Platform for Live Guided Tours: For Anyone, Anywhere.

Curators enables users to experience cultural storytelling, together, from anywhere, using a smart phone or virtual reality headset.
Given that the most engaging experiences are shared, we have designed Curatours to be one the first off-site digital tour platforms to encourage user participation. It offers live tours for visitors, enabling them to interact with objects up close and giving them the chance to ask questions and to be answered. This gives curators and venues a new and engaging way of interpreting, configuring and tailoring tours for different visitors’ needs.

Curatours has two parts: A Viewer and a Maker. Together they help you create, experience and host meaningful and engaging immersive offsite tours.

The Curatours viewer is available on VR headsets, web and mobile. It provides an accessible and enhanced way for your audience to experience content and tours, safely and at their own pace. During the tour, visitors can look in detail at 3D images of objects in the collection, as well as watching pre-recorded 3D performances.

Alongside this we have the Curatours Maker. This aspect of the App is still being refined and developed, endeavouring to deliver a feature packed and easy to use application, enabling users to create effective offsite tours.

In March 2020 we received funding from Innovate UK to develop a prototype of Curatours and we are excited to build upon our R&D experiences and explorations of the past four years to deliver the app. We are at the beginning of our journey with this project. In order to shape the future, we are doing a lot of listening and collaborating. We are looking for partners and collaborators to be the first to use our platform and more importantly, to tell us what they think and how they envision it in the future.

Lead organisation

Cooperative Innovations


Oculus Quest


Emma Cooper, Project Lead
Simon Barratt, CEO
Brian Marshall, CTO
Fran Boot, Creative Technologist