Everything is Music

Everything is Music

A Prototype of a Digital Geo-Tagged Exploration of Music in Bristol & Bath

Everything Is Music will track, celebrate and explore the disparate and interlinked stories that have contributed to the unique musical fabric of Bristol & Bath.

An immersive journey through the sounds of Bristol and Bath will form a range of location-based experiences built around newly commissioned pieces, unheard archival works and classic material. These experiences will be enjoyed by members of the public through cross format digital content, that can be unlocked via the testbed areas on a smartphone in physical locations which link to the pieces.

The Everything Is Music project delivery team will be comprised of personnel from Crack Magazine and Landmrk. Landmrk create location-based campaigns that allow people to unlock unique content in real-world locations. Crack Magazine is Europe’s biggest independent music magazine, bringing print, digital and social media content, to dedicated followers of contemporary culture.

Through close collaboration, Landmrk and Crack Magazine are committed to exploring what music can mean when unlocked at the right place and time. In order to deliver a meaningful project that represents the breadth of Bristol’s rich musical DNA, we will enlist a board of experts and consultants, whose varying voices will shape and inform the content of the project.

Some more detail on what tech we will be using in the project and also some of the key artists we have onboard for the project.

Tech we will be implementing:
Continuous Audio Player – The ability to continue playing audio content from 1 pin to another to create narratives between locations on the platform
Genre/Explore Routes – The ability to pick specific routes in a city to discover stories about certain musical stories in the city. For example:
Route 1: Splintered Frequencies: The Reverberations of Sound System Culture
Route 2: Bass and Beyond: Half a Century of Sub-Level Mutations

AR Image Recognition w/ Video Overlay
AR Posters
AR Photo albums
Rules Engine: Hotspot disappears once a maximum of 6 users have visited/unlocked at the same time
Rules Engine: Content change after a maximum of 6 users have visited/unlocked the hotspot
Using API’s to animate pins when users are close to pins.
3D object placement within AR viewfinder. For this we will be placing 3D versions of soundsystems on the streets of St Pauli.
2D/3D scans of musicians performing tracks in locations that are meaningful to them

Confirmed contributions from musicians such as: Massive Attack, Portishead, Roni Size, Shanti Celeste, Idles, The Pop Group, Maximium Joy

Lead organisation

Crack Industries Ltd


Mobile web-browser powered by Landmrk


Jake Applebee – Creative Director
Duncan Harrison – Head of Content
Ben Price – Production Manager
Keziah Wenham-Kenyon – Content collection
Tom Frost – Director