A Second Chance

Munkination is an immersive hip hop-opera which places the audience at the centre of an Afro-futuristic adventure story about climate change.

The climate crisis is the predominant challenge facing society today. Through an epic trap/opera soundscape and distinctive graphic visuals, Munkination shows the effects of climate change and displays a vision of our future if we don’t take action now. The project takes inspiration from the originating artist, HAM’s, ancestors: the Khoisan, ancient nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes of South-Western Africa, who lived in harmony with the cyclical nature of their environment. These traits are seen by some climate scientists as key: adaptability, a new approach to planetary stewardship and new economic models that depend on responsiveness to changes in natural resources. The experience presented at BEYOND 2020, is a mobile, augmented-reality app, developed through the Creative XR 2020 programme led by Digital Catapult and Arts Council England.

“I created this experience because I want to engage my community. There aren’t many stories by and for people like me, and I want to tell a story that puts us at the forefront; our heritage, our perspective, and that history of living in equilibrium with nature, because we don’t have much time left, and we all need to be involved.” – HAM the Illustrator

Lead organisation

Audience Labs at the Royal Opera House / Visualise




HAM the Illustrator – Lead Artist
Audience Labs at the Royal Opera House – Commissioner and Producer
Visualise – Developer