The Retro Hunter

The Retro Hunter

A TV Pilot and AR Experience about Retro Collecting for the Discovery Channel.

Reginald D Hunter is on a mission: to take Discovery audiences on a journey back in time and reunite them with retro collectibles from their youth, through the magic of television and Augmented Reality. Commissioned by Discovery and StoryFutures, and created by StoryThings, ’The Retro Hunter’ is an R&D prototype that explores the potential for AR to create specific emotional responses in audiences. It also endeavours to test the power of virtual touch and sound to inspire deeper audience engagement.

Using procedural audio, machine learning and photogrammetry together with amazing storytelling, research, and development, ‘The Retro Hunter’ is Discovery’s first foray into the world of immersive technologies. The project’s aim is to support the global network’s initiative to develop a more interactive relationship with users, and draw a younger audience to its new dPlay service (Discovery UK’s free direct-to-consumer service which includes Quest).

Created via StoryLab – StoryFutures’ open innovation process – ‘The Retro Hunter’ is an integrated twenty minute television and AR experience, that sees Reginald D Hunter unlock a never-seen-before virtual museum of AR objects related to the winning iconic object. This includes design prototypes, unboxed rare versions, restored items and additional story content that the audience will be able to explore for themselves, from the comfort of their sofa with any smart phone. Retro Hunter AR elements will allow audiences to interact with and have access to, more content, inspiring connection and contribution from the audience rather than passive consumption.

Currently still in development, Retro Hunter and the associated AR applications will be completed December 2020.

Lead organisation

Storythings Ltd


iPhone/iPad iOS 12 and above


Matt Locke – Exec Producer
Lynsey Martenstyn – Producer/Director
Emily Bromfield – Production Manager
Darren Garrett – App and CGI Director
Eden Brackenbury – UI Designer
Shaun Sahdev – App Coding
Bella Cologlu – 3D & Motion Graphics