Virtual Garment Simulation for Fashion

Virtual Garment Simulation for Fashion

High quality virtual garment simulation from blockbuster movies now available for Virtual Fashion

Carbon Garment simulation is used extensively by hero character artists at major movie studios around the world, in high-end TV and blockbuster movies. We are now bringing this Carbon Garment simulation to other markets, via integration with a game engine, enabling AR/VR/MR experiences.

Carbon Garment simulation will be available both as a cloud service (SaaS) with images and video streamed to a web page on any device (mobile, desktop etc.) and as a Software Development Kit (SDK) that developers can build into their own AR/VR/MR applications.

Initial Carbon SaaS applications include; fashion virtual try-on, including mix and match outfits, and face mask fit simulation.

What makes Carbon unique is not just its performance and quality, but also the extensive suite of must-have functionality required for realism, including;
• Simulation behaviour supporting a broad range of fabrics, from flexible plastic to silk and chain mail.
• Fantastic multi-layer collision performance.
• Rigid and soft body/face characters – real deformable flesh with two-way interaction with garments.
• Full support for garments on animated characters, including handling of pinching garments under arms and between legs.
• Garments simulated do not stretch infinitely, they act like real garments with stretch limits. – this is unique to Carbon!
• Accessories simulation: chains and other accessories with two-way interaction between clothing and flesh.
• High quality rendered output for Hyper realism
• Many powerful Art direction features to get the look the director wants – including, for example, silhouette matching.

The research behind this project has been supported by grants from Innovate UK over several years.

Lead organisation

Numerion Software Ltd.


AR with Smartphone / tablet / desktop computer, VR application dependent.


Numerion Software


Virtual try-on e-commerce using Carbon draping SaaS

Carbon Virtual Fashion SaaS – Web page talking to remote server all being simulated live. For Virtual Try-on, Outfit selection.

Carbon FaceMask Fitting App – Web page communicating with remote server all being simulated live