Curatours – Museum of Plastic 2121

Curatours – Museum of Plastic 2121

In the future you’ll find plastic only in museums…

Museum of Plastic is an imagined future museum, built to teach future generations about plastics and tell the story of how activism started in 2021 led to the positive change that resulted in us cleaning up our oceans and forever changing our relationship with plastic.

Taking inspiration from the Solarpunk* movement, this is a positive look at our future. The world today can seem bleak, with terrifying predictions creating deep-seated anxiety for the future, and throwing doubt into the impact of our actions.

The museum will span 300 years of human history and in order to achieve this the project team are building it on a new platform Curatours which can be accessed via phone, desktop or VR headset for an amazing immersive experience.

The project is funded by the British Council as part of their Climate Connection programme as a response to COP26 taking place in Glasgow in November 2021, and is being developed in collaboration with the Circular Plastics Collabatory at Hull University and South African activists Greenpop and artists Baz-Arts.


Emma Cooper

Lead organisation

Cooperative Innovations


PC with STEAM or Oculus Quest



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