Dragon Legends

Dragon Legends

An Augmented-Reality Choose-Your-Own-Adventure card game

Dragon Legends is an R&D prototype for an Augmented Reality (AR) card game to support seriously ill young people (aged 13-16) in their transition from child to adult services. It aims to help these young people and their families address anxieties and concerns they face around transition of care so they can engage with their illness and its likely impact on their lives as they move into the adult world.

The prototype was built to test with patients, nurses and cares to understand how immersive storytelling might help in the transitional care ecosystem. The AR card game aims to improve communication skills, confidence and the decision-making of young people with chronic health conditions, and to understand the consequences of those decisions.

Dragon Legends has been developed by a multidisciplinary team spanning clinical psychology, interactive writing and games design. They have aimed to build a shared understanding of the young people at the heart of the project: that they are ‘teenagers first, patients second’. Young patients are negotiating all of the usual adolescent transitions whilst also adjusting to taking more responsibility for their health condition and adapting to changes in their caring system.

Dragon Legends will be at the Immersive Futures lab showcase in Belfast on Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 October.


Sarah Campbell

Lead organisation

Play Well For Life



Dragon Legends Demo Short Card game