MOViR – Transforming The Rehab Journey

MOViR – Transforming The Rehab Journey

VR and gamification for physical recovery

An athlete’s road to recovery can be long, arduous and uncertain. Repeating the same exercises over and over, they lose motivation and frustration sets in. Without any way to know how quickly they are recovering, athletes can easily become disillusioned, slowing recovery.

For any sports organization, the effects of injuries on a team’s performance, success and financial profits are immense. Player absences due to injury cost an English Premier League team an estimated £45 million per season. This leaves teams with a strong economic incentive to invest in technologies that can accelerate recovery and encourage players to follow tailored rehabilitation programs.

INCISIV’s MOViR is a series of fun and engaging VR games where the game scores reflect their movement performance. Instead of just performing repetitive, boring exercises, clients are challenged physically to beat their high score through a series of customisable games.

With millimetre accuracy, VR motion sensors capture every throw, catch, and wobble meaning even the smallest changes won’t go unnoticed. INCISIV’s leaderboards rank athlete’s scores against peers and pre-injury performance. By adding numerical data to the recovery process means physiotherapists can better monitor the rehabilitation journey.


Dr James Stafford

Lead organisation




This video shows how sports organizations can use MOViR to help bring players back fitter and faster.