Project XO Remote

Project XO Remote

Interactive dance and robotics installation for online audiences

Project XO (Live) is a cutting-edge dance installation devised by New Movement Collective with collaborators Kai Lab, Simon Haenggi and Fenyce Workspace. This unique encounter invites members of the public to wear a robotic exoskeleton which moves their body in a precise choreography. Exploring themes of power, agency and empathy, the robotic suit both subdues and empowers the wearer as we watch this haunting interaction between the participant, dancer and the technology.

Unable to premiere and perform Project XO Live during the pandemic, the team have created an alternative version of the event. In this experimental event, especially designed for audiences online, audiences can engage with the interactive experience by navigating the exoskeleton suit and interacting with live performers from home. The participant experience is at the core of the concept, giving them a sense of play and responsibility. 

Project XO Remote is currently available on desktops, laptops and tablets using Google Chrome browser. The aim is to keep developing the project’s accessibility and audience experience.

Project XO Remote is made possible with funds from the Foyle Foundation, Arts Council England Culture Recovery Fund and with support from Stone Nest.

Project XO Remote will be at the Immersive Futures lab showcase in Belfast on Wednesday 20 October only. Places are limited, to sign up in advance, contact producer Malgorzata Dzierzon


Malgorzata Dzierzon

Lead organisation

New Movement Collective


Available on desktops, laptops and tablets using Google Chrome browser.


Concept, Choreography and Performance: New Movement Collective

Project XO (Live): Creative technologists: Simon Haenggi, Kai Lab & Fenyce Workspace
Lighting design: Guy Hoare 
Music: Högni Egilsson, Courtesy of Erased Tapes

Project XO (Remote): Creative technologists: Jon Rowe, Simon Haenggi, Kai Lab & Fenyce Workspace
Music and sound design: Olga Wojciechowska 

Photography and trailer: Laurent Liotardo & Joe Walkling 
Graphic Design: Joe Walkling



Project XO Trailer