Seeds of Life

Seeds of Life

A meditative, interactive journey through the natural world

Seeds of Life is an immersive experience inspired by the interconnection of the natural world. Using the Oculus Quest 2, the audience enters a meditative and enlightening world, a journey through the undergrowth where they discover that all things are connected. The team behind Seeds of Life are looking to create similar, nature-inspired experiences that fit into the well-being sector.


Michelle Brondum

Lead organisation

StoryFutures; The National Film and TV School


Oculus Quest 2


Christine Saab & Leto Meade – Directors
Michelle Brøndum – Producer
Jon Wardle, Venetia Hawkes, Alan Thorn, Becky Gregory-Clarke, Johnny Johnson, Fiona Kilkelly – Executive Producers
Ben Binney – Production Consultant
Hipatia Arguero Mendoza – Writer



Seeds of Life Official Trailer