Wasted: Into The Microverse

Wasted: Into The Microverse

VR experience revealing the future of our discarded waste

Wasted: Into The Microverse is an interactive narrative experience for Oculus Quest about the surprising timelines of our discarded waste and our relationship with the materials we consume.

The experience shrinks the viewer down to the size of a bottle cap and places them in the midst of our rubbish at different points in history, from the suburban street today to a toxic beach 1000 years in the future. Along the way, players hear from personified objects of different materials – an aluminium can, a plastic bottle, a piece of styrofoam – as they tell us the stories of their lives, degrading over tens and hundreds of years in the natural environment.

Wasted is a mixed media VR experiment, using physical model making from BAFTA-winning animation studio Second Home, to inform photogrammetry objects in 3D environments in collaboration with Holosphere VR. The project is a StoryFutures Academy Kickstart project.


Chris Randall

Lead organisation

Second Home Studios



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