Black Goblin

Black Goblin

Black Goblin is a Sound Service and Technology company based in Edinburgh, co-founded by Ana Betancourt and Gabrielle Haley.
Their mission is to transform the way people work with sound by empowering creatives with the right tools and processes to succeed. Through their Resident Entrepreneur project Ana and Gabrielle developed a series of sound technologies aimed at creatives with no professional audio experience.
Powered by physical modelling, procedural audio techniques and machine learning, Black Goblin’s software allows anyone to create sound from scratch in an easy, non-technical way, and having a positive impact in the economic and environmental aspects of sound production. They are currently developing their first product, Subversive.
Ana Betancourt has continued her work as a successful recipient of the Connected Innovator’s fund which will aid her in advancing her knowledge of audio digital signal processing and A.I. techniques concerning sound design.


Courtney Bates

Lead organisation

Black Goblin


Ana Betancourt – Cofounder/Head of Sound Innovations
Gabrielle Haley – Cofounder



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