Cadpeople is an award-winning visual communication agency creating engaging visual experiences. They aim to make the complex simple through compelling, visual storytelling and the use of cutting-edge technologies within digital marketing and digital learning. They believe in the need for simple and effective communication.

Cadpeople are the successful Challenge Respondent for Traverse Theatre’s Challenge Project to create an online interactive experience using archival data. By adapting a platform predominantly used for the industrial sector and tailoring it to suit the performing arts sector, they created Mytraverse, an interactive online experience in preparation for the Traverse’s 60th anniversary in 2023. Explore

‘My Traverse’ is an interactive platform that celebrates the past 60 years of the Traverse. With the platform you can delve into the Traverse’s amazing history and explore its stories. The Traverse is a world famous rebellious theatre that has always brought stories that need to be told into the light.

Cadpeople was challenged with the task to showcase the Traverse’s wonderful stories in a way that carries the theatre’s spirit. As a team of illustrators and 3D artists we approached the project excited and with an open mind. We worked through various concepts and explored the reality of the traverse and what would happen if our visuals explored the abstract world of creativity.

Our final concept used light and colour in dark spaces, as the Traverse is an underground theatre that lights up with bright diverse stories. The rooms were built in 3D with some using illustrative and motion graphics elements.

Throughout the experience we understood the importance of including the people who make the Traverse what it is. In each room we have a creative person, who is personally tied to the Traverse as an actor or writer, warmly guide us through the experience.

The experience also presents the user the opportunity to share their own Traverse stories and continue to add to the thriving community of the Traverse.


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Architecture Visualisation Showreel 2020 – Cadpeople

VR Showreel 2020 – Cadpeople

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