Spaceport Virtual Space-launch

Spaceport Virtual Space-launch

A student project, managed under the immersive business centre at Falmouth

a virtual experience targeted at education for all levels, you can visit a virtual spaceport, watch the launch, fire the rocket, go into space follow the data to Goonhilly, learn about the data, and end up underwater learning about conservation. A student project, managed under the immersive business centre at Falmouth, will be free on the Oculus store. Immersive business is an EU-funded project to support Cornwall and the Isle of Scilly to understand and apply immersive technology in the workplace. The project was also supported by students from Truro and Penwith college.


Brian Waterfield – Head of Immersive Production

Lead organisation

Falmouth university


Quest 2


Bogo Petrov Lead Design
Ethan Baldwin Lead Design
Tega Amrore Lead Programmer
Elmo La Mantia Lead Artist
Alex Hristov Programmer
Tamsin Paige Artist
Sam Fereday Artist
Alfie Hamblin Artist
Joe Leggi Lead Animator
Zach Thompson Programmer
Lewis Knowles Artist
Daniel Truman Artist
Jack Myrick Design
Hayley Davies Programmer
Ben Parkinson Design
Ben Moulton Programmer
Sam Curnow Project support
Ben Pisacanne Film Porducer
Naomi Johns Project Support Manager
Lara Goodwin Voice Artist
Brian Waterfield Project Lead