The Neon Pack

The Neon Pack

Imagining our near future relationship with technology and music

Protopian Tales makes use of immersive technologies to promote a unique form of storytelling for new and emerging audiences. Each story takes place in a near future where extended-reality (XR) technology has become ubiquitous to human existence, enhancing and affecting our everyday lives in both subtle and major ways.

This immersive VR project was supported and jointly-funded by Hope Works, a nationally recognised live music venue in the centre of Sheffield that has hosted an international array of artists since its inception.


John Rose-Adams

Lead organisation

Human Studio


Meta Quest 2 App


Commissioned by Hope Works
Directed by Nick Bax
VR Design & Animation by Dan Fleetwood
Additional Design by Michaela White
Based on a short story by Nick Bax
Soundtrack by 96 Back on CPU Records


Human x Hope Works x XR Stories x CPU Records : The Neon Pack ( Soundtrack by 96 Back )