TrainTrach – Immersive Tracheostomy Management Training

TrainTrach – Immersive Tracheostomy Management Training

CCR Challenge Fund / SBRI Centre of Excellence

Immersive Tracheostomy Training. 30% of tracheostomies develop complications that can quickly escalate into an emergency. Common causes include blocked or displaced tubes and many emergencies are avoidable. Yet training for tracheostomy management is patchy, often unrealistic and can be difficult to access.

TrainTrach uses Virtual and Mixed Reality to maximise the realism, accessibility and quality of training. Multiple trainees and observers can interact in VR during briefing and debriefing sessions and numerous care procedures. At the centre of the app is an emergency management simulation where the trainee puts their newly developed skills to the test.

The product was developed in collaboration with the University of Chester with the support of the Cardiff Capital Region Challenge Fund, SBRI Centre of Excellence, NHS Wales and the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.


Alastair Buchanan

Lead organisation

Nudge Reality Ltd


Oculus Quest 2


Dr Alastair Buchanan
Professor Nigel John
Dan Blackburn
Sam Hignett
Fulons Solbakken
Jack Ashworth



Overview of the TrainTrach training programme