Valkyrie EIR. Efficient VR Training

Valkyrie EIR. Efficient VR Training

Valkyrie EIR is the next generation of VR workouts. EIR is a combination of engaging VR fitness classes and wearable armbands providing electrical muscle stimulation. “That’s not a regular workout, that’s something crazy!”
We will be giving a demo of our immersive experience, which includes a Meta Quest 2, Valkyrie EIR armbands for users’ biceps and triceps, and a VR app, where people will experience interacting with virtual objects and feeling their resistance and forces in their muscles. Each demo will take around 10/15 minutes.


Ivan Isakov

Lead organisation

Valkyrie EIR. Wearables providing real resistance in VR fitness


Meta Quest 2
Valkyrie EIR armbands


Kourosh Atefipour – CEO
Ivan Isakov – CTO



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EIR Training. A resistance VR workout curated by world class trainers