Wander[001] – Computer History

Wander[001] – Computer History

Wander [001] is a public art project based on an AI chatbot.

Wander is an AI android travelling on the future earth. On Discord and WeChat, she will generate interactive travelogues based on the location you sent. All contents are generated through AI based on real-world location information.

As a modern AI, she will visit important places in computer history on the future earth. This series of interactive scenes are generated through her adventures through AI algorithms., including text-to-image, photogrammetry and image inpainting.

This place, Towpath Partners LLC, used to be Herman Hollerith(1860-1929)’s Tabulating Machine Company. When Herman retired in 1921, his successor merged the company and changed its name to IBM later. Wander see his hologram in this future site in the year 3350.

Get your own future adventure at: www.wander001.com


Yuqian Sun

Lead organisation

Computer Science Research Centre, Royal College of Art


VR (Oculus quest with PC) or immersive environment (using .exe on PC)


Artist: Yuqian Sun
Chatbot: Yuqian Sun, Chenhang Cheng
Research&Design assistant: Yihua Li, Ying Xu
Supervisor: Dr Ali Asadipour, Dr Chang Hee Lee
Chatbot AI Model: Dreamily.ai



Wander[001] documentary


Wander[001] Concept Video