Adaptive Media: Emotion AI Immersive Format

Adaptive Media: Emotion AI Immersive Format

Adaptive-Media® from Adapt uses a new form of Emotion AI to adapt video tutorials in real time based on attention, positivity and learning engagement.

Adapt has created a disruptive technology format innovation called Adaptive-Media® which uses a new form of Emotion AI to adapt videos to people in real time based upon human factors such as attention, positivity and learning engagement. It is powered by a unique emotion analysis algorithm that works safely and securely in the user’s browser without sending images to a server for analysis. It is fully GDPR compliant and is not to be confused with facial recognition.
A-dapt Vision Emotion AI gives any website, App or video the ability to analyse attention, emotions, engagement, and generates detailed anonymised usage data. It works in the browser by using the device camera as sensor. The AI is a 750Kb auto download which is highly responsive with much lower latency, compared to server-side technologies. Not to be confused with facial recognition, no biometric data is sent to the server for analysis and it does not allow for racial profiling.
It analyses the following characteristics:
• Attention, positivity, pose, energy, motivation
• Demographic estimates
• 6 emotions + neutral
• 40 features
• 90+ affects / expressions
It has many use cases:
Helps young adults, disadvantaged and SEN students acquire and develop the soft skills they need for work and life.
Improves self-motivation, soft skills, sales presentations, leadership, public speech.
Adds measurement & emotion insights into how campaigns are impacting customers
Provides understanding of people’s emotional response to products or services, offering real-time data on engagement levels.


Matthew Mayes

Lead organisation

Adapt International Ltd


Works on any device with web browser and user enabled camera working as sensor.



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