Behind the screen: The ITV Emmerdale immersive VR experience

Behind the screen: The ITV Emmerdale immersive VR experience

Get exclusive access on the Emmerdale set and discover what it takes to make one of the UK’s busiest TV shows in this experimental prototype from AY-PE and ITV.

AY-PE, a leading AV, software, interactive and immersive company based in York presents a prototype immersive 360 Virtual Reality experience which places you on the Emmerdale set and in the heart of the story.

Working with ITV’s Emmerdale, XR Stories have been exploring new ways of engaging with the highly popular British TV series. This experience explores the potential for extending the established Emmerdale universe to new transformative interactive and immersive audience experiences, to bring current and future fans closer to the Emmerdale storyworld, and reach new audiences.


Helena Jones

Lead organisation



360 video in VR



  • Simon Ackerley, Managing Director / 360 VR Design
  • Helena Jones, Project Development Director
  • Richard Playford, Creative Director / 360 Film Director
    For ITV
  • Nader Madabi, Head of Production
  • Andy Whiston, Technical Manager
  • Ian Bevitt, Director
    For XR Stories
  • Sian Gilbert, Creative Producer
  • Melodie Ash, Creative Producer
  • John Rose-Adams, Senior Creative Producer
  • Dr Joe Rees-Jones, Creative Technologist
  • Grace Moore, 360 VR filming advisor