Fowl Play: A prototype Roblox ITV Emmerdale experience

Fowl Play: A prototype Roblox ITV Emmerdale experience

Head to the Emmerdale village, get to know the show’s characters and help solve a crime in this experimental Roblox prototype game from Dubit and ITV

Dubit, the Leeds-based metaverse experience company, presents a prototype for a Roblox game where you must engage with some of the vibrant characters from Emmerdale to solve a crime!

Working with ITV’s Emmerdale, XR Stories has been exploring new ways of engaging with the highly popular British TV series. This experience explores the potential for extending the established Emmerdale universe to new transformative interactive and immersive audience experiences, to bring current and future fans closer to the Emmerdale storyworld, and reach new audiences.


Jonny Curry

Lead organisation



Web browser or the Roblox app


For Dubit

  • Jonny Curry, Producer
    For ITV
  • Nader Madabi, Head of Production
    For XR Stories
  • Sian Gilbert, Creative Producer
  • Melodie Ash, Creative Producer
  • John Rose-Adams, Senior Creative Producer