Head Holiday

Head Holiday

Smartphone-enabled app showing a curated selection of 360 degree video content from around the world

As the impact of Covid-19 continues to be felt by the travel and culture sectors, Live Cinema UK have created a new platform to connect these sectors with audiences in a novel and engaging way.

Head Holiday is smartphone-enabled app which shows audiences a curated selection of 360 degree video content from around the world.

With clear instructions and support, audiences can view videos at home in immersive virtual reality format, using a simple and inexpensive viewing device.

No virtual reality equipment or experience is needed. Just pick a playlist, slot your phone into the viewer, and take a virtual trip.


Content is curated by a team of film festival programmers, journalists and environmental psychologists.

Users can browse individual videos, pre-made playlists and channels, and create their own playlists.

Head Holiday has been created with £75k of non- repayable investment from Innovate UK, who recognised the value of bringing together these elements in a unique product.

Our mission now is to support the travel and culture sectors while giving audiences access to the experiences they miss.

A constantly updated selection of experiences is available, all in 360 immersive video. Content will also be available on a traditional flat website where it can be enjoyed without a viewing device of any kind. Content broadly falls into three categories:

  • Travel: 360 degree videos showing travel destinations and travel experiences help connect audiences to remote locations. With first-person perspective viewing, audiences can imagine themselves in new destinations, and we’ll give them all the information they need to be able to plan a real trip.

  • Culture: 360 degree video from events, festivals and venues, giving viewers a taste of what it feels like to be there, along with information on booking the next live event.

  • Wellbeing: Harnessing the proven power of digital nature, viewers can relax into immersive natural experiences as defined by environmental psychologists, to change their mood in minutes.

Content is a mixture of external video and video made in-house. Head Holiday can work with brands and producers to create new externally-produced content, as well as planning, shooting and editing new content ourselves.


  • 78.6% said they have no prior experience of either 360 degree video or virtual reality
  • 46% said they are currently experiencing mental health issues
  • 100% said they found Head Holiday easy to use
  • 86% used Head Holiday to get ideas for the next time they travel
  • 93% said it helped to take their mind off worries

“There was a fantastic array of places to choose from and the playlists were my favourite as I could just sit and not worry about changing it over”

“Made me feel more relaxed after having a bad day. Took my mind off worries. Really like the design of the app.”

“The locations of videos were fantastic, I really enjoyed the various styles in which the scenes were portrayed, from flying and driving over vast landscapes to walking and even swimming around crystal clear lakes. Brilliant.”


Kate Wellham

Lead organisation

Live Cinema UK


Smartphone (running latest Android / IOS version) plus a cardboard or plastic VR viewer


  • Lisa Brook, Project director and Content creator
  • Kate Wellham, Project manager and Content creator



Head Holiday Demo Jan 2021

Lake Bled Swim

Copenhagen Showreel