Exploring voice, spatial audio and place in VR

Three women. Three voices. The northern UK landscape.

Three stories open the world of the northern UK landscape in virtual reality: what it means to come from it, live in it and belong to it.

Monoliths combines the soundscapes of real locations in the north with the stories of three northern women. Audiences experience three artistically rendered environments based on real outdoor locations. Monologues are delivered using spatially recorded voices. The women’s stories are tied to the landscape where they come from and have grown up. They are monoliths – standing stones – powerful and influential forces.


Lucy Hammond

Lead organisation

Pilot Theatre




  • Lead artists: Lucy Hammond, Hannah Davies, Asma Elbadawi, Carmen Marcus
  • Creative VR development and visuals: Andy Campbell, Judi Alston
  • Sound design: Mariana Lopez
  • Composer: May Chi


XR Stories works with Pilot Theatre on Monoliths

XR Stories works with Pilot Theatre on Monoliths – audio described version