David Norris

David Norris

AIX Live

Founder / CEO


David has a wide-ranging career centred around the core belief that the most powerful memories are created in a living environment.

From being the CEO of Beyond 90 an award-winning experiential agency that specialises in soccer delivering a fan experience around the world for Manchester City to being a founder of several successful music festivals in the UK selling millions of tickets, Parklife, Bluedot, Festival Number 6, Kendal Calling, to design of public realm event spaces across Europe.

David is now launching the start-up AIX Live seeing the new type of immersive experiences being created, has the vision to take this experience to every neighbourhood, developing this new distribution network of immersive content to every neighbourhood in the world, focusing on creating the perfect live experience, great hospitality and importantly ensuring this experience is shared by millions in real life.

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