Écosystème Alpha

Écosystème Alpha

A living augmented, interactive sculpture of a landscape

Ecosystem Alpha is a living, interactive sculpture of a landscape. This video mapping installation represents a fictitious section of a natural environment, modeled by the artist. A “sample planet earth” of sorts. Thanks to video illusions projected precisely onto its detailed surface, the sculpture comes to life, showing the natural cycles of water, wind, erosion and seasonal changes. The viewer is immersed in a picturesque landscape that comes to life before his or her eyes.

Aude, a French-Canadian New Media artist and Director based in Montreal, fuses her passions for nature, music, and science to shape immersive physical and digital experiences. Drawing inspiration from fractals and natural forces, she explores humanity’s connection to nature through an eco-feminist, queer, and socially engaged lens.

With a commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice, Aude’s art intertwines circular economy principles, recycling, and reutilization. Her extensive background in motion design, visual arts, and industrial design fuels her hybrid creative process, blending digital prowess with physical artistry.

Aude’s diverse exploration spans 3D modeling, 3D printing, animation, projection mapping, AI, sculpture, and photography, bridging the realms of technology and art. Through several exhibitions and collaborations with prestigious events like Mutek and Osheaga, her work resonates worldwide.



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Aude Guivarc’h


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