Game Conscious™ Dialogue

Game Conscious™ Dialogue

Generate meaningful dialogue in response to anything that happens… even if it’s totally unexpected

Meaning Machine is exploring the gameplay possibilities unlocked by generative AI.

Our Game Conscious™ technology starts with NPC dialogue… but it has the potential to make every aspect of game worlds more immersive and organic.

At SxSW, we’re presenting two demos that give players a taste of Game Conscious™ Dialogue for the very first time.

Watch our AI characters discuss the ins-and-outs of dynamic battles – what happened, who came out on top, and who got egg on their face. Using Dota 2, we demonstrate our characters’ ability to have meaningful banter about anything that happens in the game – even those outlandish plays that no one could have predicted.

Experience a nature programme where you call the shots. Add anything to the scene – a lion, a pelican… even a UFO! – and watch as the poor narrator does their best to keep up: “Ah yes, here’s the majestic flying saucer in its natural habitat!”. In this demo we demonstrate our characters ability to adapt to anything the player does – even if it’s nonsensical.

Part of the MyWorld delegation exploring the future of content production, distribution and experience in a unique ecosystem in Bristol and Bath, UK. Supported at SXSW by Invest Bristol and Bath.



Ben Ackland

Thomas Keane


Thomas Keane

Lead organisation

Meaning Machine


Interactive PC game demos


Creative director: Thomas Keane
Tech lead: Ben Ackland



Introducing Game Conscious™ Dialogue

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