Inside Mental Health

Inside Mental Health

A unique experience that explores our understanding of mental health issues

Inside Mental Health combines Anagram’s award winning, Emmy nominated, Playing With Reality XR series with facilitated learning sessions designed and led by healthcare professionals. This has created a unique experience that enables healthcare professionals and medical students the time and space to explore their understanding of patients with mental health issues.

1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem in any given week in England. Post-pandemic the current generation of children are experiencing an even sharper decline in mental health.

There is a global mental health crisis.

Therapeutic mental health XR solutions exist but effective simulation training tools for empathy and awareness are not available. Guided by an Advisory Panel of experts, and in partnership with the NHS and the University of the West of England, Anagram has developed Inside Mental Health to enable better training for a series of mental health issues.

With a unique focus on empathetic immersion, Inside Mental Health supports better patient outcomes by giving healthcare professionals improved tools for understanding their patients, themselves and their colleagues and in doing so will also support resilience for students, trainees and staff at all levels.

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