Lux Aeterna

Lux Aeterna

Pioneering AI Toolsets for Visual Effects

Lux Aeterna investigate how cutting-edge AI technologies can be integrated into creative tools and processes in a way that is innovative, practical, responsible, and that visual effects artists are excited to use.

In this showcase experience how the creation of parallax occlusion maps through generative AI produces 2D realistic room interiors that can be used with a parallax occlusion shader to create the appearance of 3D spaces within the windows of a building, allowing artists to fill the windows with many unique interiors.

Lux Aeterna is a multi-BAFTA and Emmy award-winning independent visual effects (VFX) studio based in Bristol, UK, working with clients across the globe to craft rich, evocative visuals for TV, film, and more.

Their research into how AI can be used to enhance and extend VFX and CGI capabilities, including everything from upscaling, colourisation, restoration, and texturing, to inpainting, outpainting, animation, and procedural generation.

As part of their research into this area, Lux Aeterna have used these applications to assist developing their vision for experimental sci-fi film RENO. RENO is being developed as part of MyWorld – a creative technology programme in the UK’s West of England region that brings local academic and industry partners together with the goal of developing the region’s creative industries through technological innovation. Through this work, the practical, creative and ethical aspects of generative AI use will be studied.

Part of the MyWorld delegation exploring the future of content production, distribution and experience in a unique ecosystem in Bristol and Bath, UK. Supported at SXSW by Invest Bristol and Bath.



Rob Hifle

James Pollock


Rob Hifle

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Lux Aeterna


Rob Hifle – Director
James Pollock – Creative Technologist


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