Studio 5

Studio 5

Bringing live events to audiences through virtual venues

With Studio 5, experience live events, anywhere. Powered by Condense’s world-leading technology, you’ll experience a real-world performance live-streamed as volumetric video into a virtual venue. You’ll join as an avatar and you’ll be able to move around the virtual venue like in a game. You can try out the experience in AR, mobile or desktop.

Condense, a UK based start-up founded in 2019, has developed world-leading technology to capture and live-stream volumetric video into virtual spaces. Built by a team of experts, Condense’s state of the art volumetric capture and streaming solution is best in class. It can be set quickly and easily in under an hour and the system can capture a 3m x 3m area of up to 3 people (with instruments/objects).

Condense’s flagship product, Studio 5, is the premium platform for live virtual events. Content creators can design and create their own unique virtual venue and live-stream their content directly to a global audience. Because Studio 5 is powered by Condense’s proprietary real-time volumetric video technology, performers and audiences can see and interact with each other live, no matter where they are in the world.

Studio 5 also presents a new revenue stream for live content through ticketing, sponsorship and branding opportunities (venue and avatar customisation). With Studio 5’s support for VR and AR, as well as web, smartphones, consoles and PC/Mac, audiences can experience virtual live content like never before.

Part of the MyWorld delegation exploring the future of content production, distribution and experience in a unique ecosystem in Bristol and Bath, UK. Supported at SXSW by Invest Bristol and Bath.



Nick Fellingham


Nick Fellingham, Founder and CEO

Lead organisation



AR, mobile, desktop


Nick Fellingham, Founder and CEO
Dan Fairs, CTO
Dr Ollie Feroze, CSO
Andy Littledale, COO



There are over 3 billion gamers worldwide. But for many of them, games are no longer just about playing. They’re places to hang out with friends. What if you could host authentic live experiences within them? At Condense, we enable creators to live stream real-time volumetric video into virtual spaces.

Welcome to Studio 5 – the premium platform for live virtual events.

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