The Missing Half

The Missing Half

An immersive expedition into the heart of romantic passion

‘The Missing Half’, is a dystopian XR theatre experience based on Aristophanes’ myth from Plato through a Sensual cinematic lens, designed to deepen the understanding of romantic passion and its impact on modern society.

Spanning seven multimedia chapters, including a motion capture MR short film, participants in pairs are invited to a 6,000 square foot space to navigate the depths of passion. Here, they oscillate between being mere observers and silent actors, journeying through a spectrum of emotions stirred by Aristophanes’ myth.

Much of the frustration and violence in our modern society stems from the difficulty of managing our relationships. The goal is to gain a deeper insight into our emotions through physical, olfactory, and sensory immersion, fostering emotional maturity and purifying our approach to these challenges.



Benjamin Nicolas

Pauline Boisbouvier

Sam Greffe

Samuel Caron

Simon St-Germain


Samuel Caron

Lead organisation

Telescope Films




Benjamin Nicolas – Creator and Director
Samuel Caron – Executive Producer
Simon St-Germain – Associate Producer
Samuel Greffe – Creative Director
Pauline Boisbouvier – Producer


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