The Lost Child (L’Enfant Perdu)

The Lost Child (L’Enfant Perdu)

Questioning our acceptance of difference through a boy with ADHD’s escape to a mystical forest

During a field trip with the scouts, Manzi, an ingenious and energetic 10-year-old boy, escapes into the forest after an argument with his group. As a storm looms over, the boreal forest transforms into an enchanted tropical jungle where familiar presences question Manzi’s solitary drift. Through VR storytelling, The Lost Child offers the fantastic tale of a boy confronted with his differences who must find his path and his place in an adventure where self-acceptance is the key to self-discovery.

As they follow Manzi in a virtual forest in 3D animation, users will get increasingly exposed to his unconventional reality. A world filled with distractions and sensory overload that alter his perception and behaviour. A world that children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are very familiar with.

The person diagnosed with ADHD is often perceived as disruptive and is expected to fit into a mold that is utterly restrictive, even aggressive. Inspired by African initiation tales, The Lost Child carries a philosophical mission by questioning our acceptance of difference.


Marie Ka

Mylène Augustin


Mylène Augustin

Lead organisation

Inaru Films


VR headset


Producers : Mylène Augustin and Marie Ka
Writers : Justice Rutikara and Chelanie Beaudin-Quintin
Interactive designer : Chélanie Beaudin-Quintin
Interactive Consultant : Ziad Touma
Illustrations : Unstandard Studio
3D animation (demo): Couleur.TV


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